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    Australian release dates

    heres a list of the all the AUSTRALIAN releases for this years wii titles

    Ant Bully wii- 01/03/07
    Bionical heroes- 01/04/07
    Blazing angles WW2- 29/03/07
    Chicken Little 2- 26/04/07
    DBZ Tenkaichi Budokai 2- 05/04/07
    Driver 4- 29/03/07
    Eledees (elebits)- 01/04/07
    Excite Truck- 22/02/07
    Godfather- 29/03/07
    Grim Adventures of billy and mandy(i think)- 15/03/07
    Mission Impossible- 13/04/07
    Kororinpa- 01/03/07
    Mario Galaxy- 01/09/07
    Mario Party 8- 01/05/07
    Meet/Robinson- 29/03/07
    Merc/melt rev.- 29/03/07
    Metal Slug Anthology- 26/04/07
    Metroid Prime 3:Corruption- 01/09/07
    MK Armogedon- 05/04/07
    Medal Of Honour Vanguard- 29/03/07
    Pirates of the Carribean 3- 24/05/07
    Prince of Persia- 29/03/07
    Rapala Fishing- 21/03/07
    Shrek the 3rd- 13/06/07
    Sonic and the Secret Rings- 08/03/07
    Spiderman 3- 02/05/07
    SSX blur- 15/03/07
    Tennis Master- 10/05/07
    Tiger Woods 07- 15/03/07
    TMNT- 22/03/07
    Tranformers- 04/07/07
    Wing Island- 29/03/07
    WS Poker Tour- 14/03/07

    The guy working at EB printed this list out for me so all the dates should be correct, apologies in advance if some are not
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    If the source is EB, lately (like the last several weeks) around my way their info on lots of things has been terribly unreliable. They used to rock! but not since xmas. If he pointed you to their distributors date list, then it's possibly accurate, but still it could be a day or two off. Besides, allt he wii games are $20 each cheaper at toys'r'us than at eb.
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    Yay Tmnt!

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