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    for smash bros brawl how does ash sound?

    i just got to thinking, ash would make a nice charchter. he's the main charchter of the franchise, and everyone knows him. he could have standard punches and kicks but for specials and throws they could be pokemon from pokeballs he calls. of course, summoning the pokemon for the attack could be either by throwing the ball or ...sumthing. but here's my idea

    B= a projectile attack - like a bulbasur razor leaf maybe

    up+B = a flying attack - using sum flying pokemon in a way that rises him up
    while also attack

    down+B= a evasive attack - sumthing like a quick flash of night shade,turning the screen dark for 2-3 secs (or even less)

    forward+B=charge attck - sumthing like the "take down" or "skull bash" attack

    "mega speical" - the one special that everyone seems to have (which is new)
    he could do sumthing like unleash all his pokemon and loose a stream of thunderbolts, flamethrowers, icebeams, hyperbeams etc.

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    Only reason I want him in is because they have the main pokemon (Pikachu) but not the main character. But he probably won't because he needs Pokemon for his moves since he really has no other strengths.
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    that sounds really bad. all he does is run around with a bunch of little dweebs and he has no skills. "i choose you" is all hes got. it seems like every episode, he is running to a poke center cause pika got beat up.
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