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    How many of your Halo Friends could convert?

    Well, I have a few hardcore Halo friends (One of them got a "Kill-a-man-jar-o" or something a few days ago? -not a Halo player- He just told me that's like, a crazy good thing to get.)

    But anyways, I let him see Red Steel, and he adapted to the controls pretty well. Wasn't long before he was head-shotting me and WINNING against me! Especially when he gets that sniper-rifle.... -shudder-

    So I brought it to a party, and some other people played it.
    Well.. It kinda went like this.

    Guy 1: "MAN I SUCK."
    Me: " -Shoot- -Kill-"
    My Friend: " -Shoot- - Kill-"
    Guy 2: "WOAH I FINALLY KILLED SOMEONE! AWESO-- ... Crud. who killed me?"
    Girl watching: "You guys suck."

    Well, basically, out of like 7 or 10 friends, only TWO could handle the controls.

    How's it been going with your friends? They adapt well?
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    I had two friends over playing it when I rented it for the first time. They both played Halo pretty often. I was surprised how well they did, after we all got past the learning curve. Although, since we did multiplayer first, before anyone knew how to do anything, it didn't go so well. But I think we were pretty even playing the story mode one at a time, switching when someone died.

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