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Thread: SSX Blur

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    cant wait forr ssx here in the u.k we have to wait till 16 march
    PS3 now, sorry Wii. You gather dust.

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    Hey, I got SSX: Blur! There are many good things as well as a few bad things. Let's start with the good:

    The courses in the game are very fun but also challenging. The uber-tricks are pretty sweet because the camera goes in slow motion and gives you a cool angle of your rider/skiier (yes, there is snowboarding and skiing). The uber-tricks are hard to pull off, but it feels rewarding when you pull one of the uber-tricks off. There's a special section that basically trains you (not the tutorial) on how to correctly do the uber-tricks. The tournaments are also pretty challenging. They consist of 2 or 3 events and each event contains 3 heats (getting 1st place in the 1st heat moves you directly to heat 3).
    (More good stuff but I don't want this to get too long)


    Not necessarily bad for me, but the game is pretty cartoonish and not as realistic as most gamers would like. For example, the number and letters are all bubbly and there are flying colors all over the screen. Controls are hard to get used to, but the game is great after you get used to them. It's pretty easy to reach the top of the leaderboard (12 characters, 12 spots on leaderboard) because you can redo a level over and over and get points for being in 1st place as much as you'd like (the leaderboard rankings go in points -- the better you do in events, the more points you get).

    Any questions? Feel free to ask, I'm happy to answer anything!
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    tight! ill be getting that game today, i can't wait.

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