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    Just saw it at my local toy's r us here in Canada
    4 wiimotes, 4 nunchuks, 1 classic controller

    msc code : 279279-586251
    EA code : maxpouliot

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    Quote Originally Posted by greener255
    Tarheelsuperman -

    I just grabbed this at Best Buy on Capital Blvd in Raleigh, from your name, I'm guessing you're in the state somewhere....regardless, there is a Best Buy coupon a few threads down for $10 off any game over $39.99, which I printed on my black and white office printer and scanned just fine, thereby making it around $42.

    Can't really comment on the gameplay, as I'm busy at work until mid-April and don't get home until 7 PM at the earliest, but should get some quality time (30 minutes) in with Blur tonight.

    Good luck.
    Nice...I just grabbed the game at the same Capital Blvd Best Buy . Oh and I used the $10 off coupon someone posted on here the other day. I haven't had the time to crack it open yet either. I'm thinking I'll find sometime later this evening and after a few days of playing I'll try and post a game play review.

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