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    Quote Originally Posted by Tri
    I've also though a bit about drinking games... WarioWare would be an interesting one... but the game is a bit fast paced for most of my friends.
    In addition, you have about 5 seconds in between players in multiplayer to pass the mote around (and strap up if that's your house rule like mine). The stupid hotseat controller ruins any good drinking party gaming from wario ware unless (as the original post implied) you do it on single player.. (which is actually a better multiplayer in most cases)

    Now warioware darts.. there's a drinking game. You get to press A when you are ready..

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    never play wii sports in a room with a bunch of drunk cops

    we didnt really do a game per say it was ok lets drink and lets play some tennis! uh yeah it was a disaster waiting to happen hahaha. gotta say though despite the urge to puke since it made me extreamly dizzy, it was too much fun haha. HOWEVER, i did wake up with the headache of a century though! (had it BLARING through my surround sound)

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