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    Quote Originally Posted by video game master
    Zelda is a great adventure and logical game with maybe 1 or 2 glitches.
    Try 100 glitches! But your not going to run into them unless its on purpose.

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    True...but in red steel most of them you'd run into by accdident. Theres a major glitch i found in red steel. Go to resturant in multiplayer. Then walk up to the spot with the sniper. Jump on those boxes near the ledge where people snipe. Then jump off the edge so that you land out of the boundries of the level. You don't die and you don't go back up. Only way back up is through death which is pretty hard to come by down there. Now back to the spread. Lure fishing is fun but you can't do that until the middle of the game (this is zelda if you haven't noticed). If you go straight through the game it is stupid, but if you do the side quests and find the postman wherever you can it is fun (postman has been drinking in the bar =]). I curretnly am trying to find all the heart pieces, i have 6 left to find, I also want to get all the poe souls which i have 27 left to find. Lastly i want all the bugs which i have 10 left to find. (I already beat cave f ordeals) These side quests can be very challenging but enjoyable. I also wouldn't say these graphics are bad...o mean think when this was the best graphic you could get:
    But of course i say many things have bad graphics. I say things have better grpahics, for instance just as halo is better on xbox then ps, windwaker had better grpahics then this (if you take in the fact the grpahics in windwaker were suppose to be cartoonish) Well anyway in the end I'd say this got an 8/10, red steel I'd give a 7/10 because of the shortness of the game (14 levels, 30 minutes each level), and because all the glitches.
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