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    I'm a fan of Splinter Cell games. But this is a playstation 2 port with Wii controls bolted on. However it mostly works well - I had the controls nailed after 20 minutes. More specifically, jumping and leaning against the wall controls leave a little to be desired when executed at crucial moments.(raise\tilt the nunchunk)

    The Camera can sway somewhat annoyingly when climbing or in close quarters which can be resolved with a little perserverance.

    The graphics are the whole aren't great, even the original Xbox Splinter Cell looks better generally speaking. Lack of Anti-Aliasing, colours seem grainy etc. Frame Rate seems to vary between 25-60. It seems to be dependent on the level your playing.

    The game itself, is quite enjoyable for a Splinter Cell game. The Jail Break level is particularly good.

    This game is playable and enjoyable given a little time. The 1st Mission is shit, and almost put me off which I can understand why people didn't enjoy this. Lets face it, most people on seemingly have very little attention span in comparision to us older games. However ever since the 2nd Mission onwards - its been great.

    Haven't played to Co-op 2 player game yet.

    Would only recommend this to Splinter Cell fans. This game require requires a little brain and a little brawl. Also Patience comes in handy (Its a stealth em up remember!).

    Splinter Cell is better than Call Of Duty 3 in my opinion. It requires a little more thought and planning. Call Of Duty 3 had the same crappy conversion job done, but at least Splinter Cell is 2 player and is more varied.

    For people who want this in the UK - its 14.99 on Play.com!

    And Super Monkey Ball is 19.99 in GAME as well.
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