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Music Channel
Dmeo Channel
DS Channel
Video Channel
Casino Channel
Instant Messanger Channel
Wii News Channel (A channel where it's all just strict news about the Wii)
Suggestions Channel (Where Wii owners can send in suggestions from their Wii)
Update Channel (Where we can go and download and look at all the updates)
Music - tons of sites already.
Demo - not enough memory unless we all get SD cards
DS (demos) - ya, they said they would
Video - youtube?
casino - not going to happen
IM - arn't there sites that let you use aim and others?
Wii News - Nintendo won't talk specificaly about 3rd partys, just use sites...
Suggestions - email them
Update - the current system works but an update list channel sounds good

So ya, most things can already be acessed through the browser

I use this site http://www.liquidicelabs.com/wiiportal/
Though I'm ussualy on my PC.