Hey, this is my list of who I think should be on SSBB and comments of what I think they should do with them. Feel free to post your opinions and your own lists. I put a lot of thought into this. here it is:

My List of 40+ - with suggestions:

Mario(you know who he is)-keep him the same

Link(legend of zelda)-with wolf transformation

Peach(mario games)-keep her the same

Zelda(legend of zelda)-with light bow and arrows from LOZ-TP

Bowser(mario games)-maybe change his smash B because its too much like a grab

Ganon(legend of zelda)-decloned with his dark sword from LOZ-TP

Dr. Mario(dr. mario 64)-there maybe arguements but hes only in my list because hes my best character, and he isnt the same as mario. the only identical move is the down+b

Luigi(mario games)-keep him the same

Samus(metroid)-with zero suit transformation

Wario(warioware)-burps, farts, ground pound and more

Pit(kid icarus)-sorry but I don't know anything about him

Fox(start fox)-hes good the way he is

Krystal(star fox)-with her sweet staff

Zant(legend of zelda TP)-with his sweet purple beams

Midna(legend of zelda TP)-kind of like mewtwo

Kirby(kirby games)-keep him the same

Pikachu(pokemon games)-keep her the same

Bowser Jr.(a few mario games)-maybe with a shadow mario transformation and paintbrush maybe

Marth(fire emblem)-i don't know anything about him but i guess he is wanted back

Roy(fire emblem)-same thing as marth ^

DK(donkey kong series)-keep him the same, hes awsome

Mr. G & W(old school games)-i know hes not wanted, but keep him the same hes very original

Lucario(pokemon game)-I don't know who he is but hes very wanted I guess

Yoshi(yoshis island and mario games)-keep him the same I guess, maybe a little faster

Birdo(mario sport games)-some moves a little bit cloned from yoshi but mayb change the egg characteristics a little and a few different moves

Capt. Falcon(F Zero)-ugh keep him the same I guess

Ness(earthbound)-keep him the same

Daisy(super mario land)-little bit of a peach clone but put in some tomboy sport moves

Sonic(sonic the hedgehog)-lot of debate on this but with his spin attacks and dash moves, maybe kind of like fox's smash B

Tails(sonic the hedgehog)-tail moves and mayb one sonic clone move

Knuckles(sonic the hedgehog)-punch moves and glide, only him sonic and tales and no more third party

Your Mii(wii sports/play)-sport moves, bowling balls, tennis balls, baseball bat, maybe wearing a pair of boxing gloves, should also be the last person you unlock

Falco(star fox)-i don't know how, but I just want him a bit more decloned

Paper Mario(paper mario)-hammer, bomb buddys, down+B jumps down hard on people and you can keep combo-ing it like in the games,

Meta Knight(kirby games)-i guess with his super fast sword

Snake(metal gear solid)-dont like the idea of him in it but I have no choice, i guess with explosives and stuff

Baby Mario+Luigi Combo(yoshis island)-like iceclimbers but wayyy more stable and one can still be somewhat good without the other

Ridely(metroid)-iv never played metroid but I guess he is very wanted

JiggleyPuff(pokemon)-I guess just to keep the tradition going, she should always be holding her microphone like fox's gun, and her song should make people fall asleep longer

Wind Wake Link(legend of zelda-WW/PH)-to replace youg link, i havent played it so i wouldn't know, but he is wanted and he is likely to be there,

Tingle(some zelda games)-ballon gliding, rupee throwing, and other stuff, maybe its a bad idea I don't know

Diddy(DK 64 game)-moveset kind of like in the Dk 64 game

Well, thats my list. What do you think? Who do you think I should add to it? Do tell. Some of them are just my selffish opinions and I know some are bad ideas but i was aiming to make 40 or more so there they are.