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They arent all corridors dude, the drifts for one is huge...as are many arenas of the planet.

And thats a terrible example of an enemy, even though if one of those catch you usually about 5 more do too...which hurts, the pirates are a way better...they leap down from the ceiling at you, charge, slash and shoot, as well as diving to attempt to get away from your beam.

Metroids take forever to blast, diving and swooping around like annoying bats, also they lauch onto you and drain your health vey quickly if your not careful.

Shegoths again charge and slam you into submission, although they have the added danger of freezing you to the spot, and even when your not near then they can shoot balls of ice towards you.

The robotic sentry bots scrambling your visor and pummeling you with its duel machine guns is another example of an enemy where you have to be careful.

Then theres the bosses that fill up rooms at a time where you need to think how you can take them down...like Halo where the enemys weakpoint is well...eveywhere.

In my experence five space pirates are harder than multiple enemys at once in Halo.
Space pirates are hard, but with a few side dodges they really are easy.

Metriods are anoying but no more then in the old games.

Are Shegoths those mammoth things? Its been awhile since i played. I think i just side dodged them, they were more time taking then hard.

The turrets also anoying but with a quick charge blast not to bad.

Bosses are really just waiting for weak points then exploiting it.

If Drift is the snow level, then yea its not a corridor, its more of a valley.

All the enemies and bosses that are hard require patience. If you dont wait for the weak point then its gonna get some hits on you. All enemy types are the same strategy, if i fight a space pirate and it lands and tries to claw me, chances are when the next one i fight lands, it will try to claw me.

Chances are if you dont have much patience you will find most games difficult.

Halo on legendary is hard and crazy. You could have a nuke and still get worked.