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    I dont really agree with the review of Red Steel, but its good to see someone putting their views forward.

    I put my own views about the game forward in another thread, heres what my opinion of it is if anyone's interested just for a comparison.

    I wouldn't go as far to say that Red Steel is a great game, but i would say it is a good game. It just hasn't really done anything new or innovative in my opinion.

    Playing it was pretty good for one reason, as it did demonstrate what the control system on the Wii was capable of, however it was completely uninspired as a game and generic in every way possible. Had it not been for the use of the remote control and nunchuck then i would have thought it a very bland FPS.

    Just imagine playing Red Steel without the remotes unique qualities, its would be completely unfulfilling in every way possible. Its a bit of a Frey Bentos pie, it feeds you but you know a Steak Dinner would make you much fuller and happier.

    Its also a very linear game, which isn't always a bad thing in a game if pulled off well. For example FEAR on the PC is very linear however it can get away with it due to the atmosphere and tension created in the game by the drip fed plot line, brilliant cut scenes and intense battle with enemies and your feelings of terror while playing. Red Steel by comparison has none of those emotive qualities and seems bland.

    It just didn't gel with me and seemed just a little repetitive in some places, another criticism is that its far too easy as a game which makes it unrewarding as i for one got no sense of achievement when playing the game.

    There is way too much ammo & body Armour available to the player in the game, its almost impossible to get killed in a gun fight as you can just duck behind cover or back off to another room you have previously cleared.......at which point your health bar will very, very rapidly fill back up.

    Its nothing to do with graphics or audio, the game in general seems very rushed as Ubi were obviously struggling to get it out as a launch title.

    While its not a bad game as such in my opinion, its also not a great game either. A very mediocre effort, that did however show what the Wii's uniqueness was capable of. Maybe Red Steel 2 will be implemented in a better fashion........i for one hope so.

    Its worth buying and is fairly entertaining, but i just would expect fireworks from the game as it doesn't re-define what in a cross platform perspective has become an overcrowded and tired genre.[/MEDIA][/M

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    now thats a real review.
    i only just got red steel today and i love it.

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