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    RUMORS: FF7-esque IP, MarioKart Wii, New Zelda, etc.

    Ive seen these same rumors nop on two sites that i feel have their hand on the pulse of everything ninty:

    The rumors read like a Nintendo fanboy's fantasy list. We most especially love the bit about the final video that was shown at the end of the "Nintendo Media Event":

    Link then appears screaming for a very brief second before the screen turns black and a tri-force slams onto the screen and smashes into pieces. If the character model used for Link is any indication of where this series is headed, expect ultra-realism, grittiness, and a very dark feel.

    Oh man. That Angst!Link or Dark!Link is just going to be fodder for erotic fanfiction writers the world over. You can't get much more entertaining than this. (And what if it turns out to be true? You do know that many critics and fans are trying to pressure Nintendo into having more "mature" stuff for the Wii.) Here are some other fun parts from the rumor:

    * Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Release date August 20, 2007. The final entry in the Prime series. New missions, suits, and weapons are downloadable. It's this aspect that delayed the game for so long.
    * The video montage.
    o Mario Kart Graphically impressive. Looked very traditional. Controlled like other Wii racing games, Wi-Fi logo.
    o Animal Crossing Looks very much like past titles. Wi-Fi logo.
    o Vision Red Original Nintendo RPG. Looked similar to Final Fantasy VII in terms of character design and style of play.
    o Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball Why this game is only available in video form is beyond me. However, the graphics have been spruced up from the Gamecube version and it controls like you think it would.
    o Wii Health People doing a variety of exercises with the Wii Remote shown. Results page shows calories burned and a variety of other information. Mii are utilized.
    o Wii Music A variety of instruments can be played with the Wii Remote and each performance added to others to make songs. Wi-Fi logo.
    o Mii Popularity Looked a lot like Everybody Votes with Mii profiles. Various attributes can be ranked. Miis appear to be grouped in different classifications for ranking and ease of finding.
    o Demo Channel Showed players downloading demos of Virtual Console titles.

    -via qj.net
    I am posting this stuff because it is just plain fun to think about. E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) will be held this July 11 to July 13 at Santa Monica, California... Until then let your dreams run wild!

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    I think this is the same, but it's been posted:


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    Thats cool. Thanks for sharing.
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