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    yes. pretty much every game will look bad if your using a composite cable into a HD tv, or digital tv's in general. get a component cable for digital tv's.

    and dont forget to enter into wii settings and tell it to out in the correct resolution, or component will look shoddy too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Loose_Cannon
    the other day....actually it was yesterday to be exact. i went to pick up my copy of RE4. when i walked in to see my buddy behind the counter, i asked him if he had my copy and he went into the back. before he got it for me, he asked if i had HD TV. i said no i didnt. he said good and proceeded to go into the back to get me my game.

    after he came out he explained why. he said that the game looks shotty on HD without the right cables. he had to change them inorder to get the picture to look right on HD to play this game.

    anyone experience something different? any other games i should know for the future if i do get HDTV? (i know the cables are an obvious give away to change if the picture looks funkey on a good tv)
    This is exactly what I was talking about in the other thread about RE4 looking crappy.

    All the gamecube generation games are meant to be played in CRT not HDTV and they look better in CRT.

    In fact, wii version of RE4 looks worse than GC version because they stretched 4:3 ratio of GC version and make it fit in widescreen. Wii version doesn't support 16:9 widescreen, all they did was stretching the 4:3 GC version thus showing much less resolution in much bigger TV.

    GC version also suffered the crappy prograssive scan and wii version brought the exact problem with it. You will see many vertical lines across the screen. This is why GC users stopped using 480p and went back to 480i when they play RE4.
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    Loose_Cannon: You didn't search.... There is already a thread about this and I think its even 3 pages long!


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