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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz
    That is why they should not be compared at all. If a player is looking for an excellent group game then Halo should fit the bill. If a player is looking for a rich single-player experience then Metroid Prime 3 will fit the bill. They do not compete on any front except each other's biggest weaknesses. You will never hear someone say they'd rather play Metroid Prime than Halo as a group (unless Metroid Prime just came out and all are extreme fans that want to see how it turns out; at that point, it wouldn't matter how good Halo is anyway).
    Congrats. Welcome to page 3 of this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TortillaChip520
    i will take that one further, and say if it werent for it's multiplayer, halo wouldnt be.
    Thanks, it good to know, that you know where im coming from!

    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz

    Retro Studios never wanted this game to be placed in the same bucket as other gamers like Halo. Reviewers have noted that Metroid Prime's final score varies depending on whether you classify it as a FPS or an adventure.
    I agree, just like what i said earlier...........its just a mix FPS&Action-Adeventure

    Not so sure that you can compare, as you see Halo is a Fast-pased normal FPS the best there is today.
    Metroid Prime, is more of both!
    which turn makes it hard to compare, or should it even be compared at all!
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