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    Medal of Honor Heroes II

    Hey - not sure if others have heard about this or not. Medal of honor heroes II - a planned game for the Wii with support for 32 players online. My wife takes these surveys every once in a while and the other night it was all about Wii games - which ones we had heard of, any adverts we saw, what we remembered about them etc. Then it gave the title above with a description that said something like (man I wished I had taken a screen shot) you are behind enemy lines with the ability to affect the outcome of the war. blah blah with multi-player support for up to 32 players.

    It asked a bunch of questions about what I thought the game would be like and if I thought it would be interesting - I said YOU BET! a serious online game would rock. I don't know how far along they are - one of the questions even offered alternate title for the same game - one of the alternate title that I remember, because I said I liked it better, was Medal of Honor Heroes of Recon.

    Well thats pretty much all I remember. I am excited about the possibility and if anyone knows anything more let me know.

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