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    Harry Potter Tips Thread

    Started playing Harry Potter last night and it is bloody brill...anyhow this isnt a review but a tips thread so here's my first tip....

    go to the transfiguration courtyard. in the courtyard you will see a large globe on a pedestal. get out your wand and blast the globe with a few spells (try the push or pull spells) and the globe will spin. 8 symbols (2 for each house) will appear around the globe on the grass. Now, look around the courtyard and you will see 8 stone benches all will glowing symbols underneath them. using the levitate spell, move the benches and place them around the globe so that the corresponding symbols on the bench matches the symbols on the grass. do this for all 8 and 4 house symbols will appear in the grass and you'll get a lot of bonus points

    I'll post more findings here when i get them
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