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    Red Steel Info Update.

    I'm not sure if this' been submitted... I searched... but it's hard to search for Red Steel Topics in a Red Steel forum...

    I got this from a member of the PurePwnage forums, who got this invo from Gamespot.

    Check this one out guys. It is from the Gamespot Wii forums:

    "From NOM UK, official nintendo magazine.

    We spent a whole day playing a brand new version of the game.

    The most important improvments as far as we're concerned come in the form of vastly improved controls, partyl due to the new controllers, which feature extremely accurate pointing devices and refined sensor bars. Mostly though its mainly down to hard work.

    Red Steel now plays extremely well.

    Destructable environments yada yada, push remote towards the screen to zoom. Gesture to defeated enemies to direct them they are free to go.

    With mere months to go, the dev team are determined to keep some aspects of the game secret.

    Split screen works very well.

    The team couldn't resist showing us the new graphics, red steel team has started to implement some fantastic new effects. Anyone who's watched red steel footage in action should forget what they've seen so far. You'll have to trust us that the new stuff we've seen is truly amazing. We were treated to 3 areas and they all looked stunning. A red steel video has shown some truly unbelievable character animations. The traditional dojo at night, shows that the wii can throw special effects around like there's no tommorrow. There's a lightning storm outside and the rain is pouring down so hard that little rivers are running down the wooden pillars.

    They must mean this pic which is not concept art: look at the left hand side of the screen.

    It's a little bit like RE4's village area only far more impressive. Meanwhile "waterlogged passages" demonstrates the potential of the wii as far as textures and atmospherego and are (again) reminiscent of RE4. You're exploring a claustrophobic network of passages with water all around you.

    Finally in one stage you have to escape a burning dojo and we're not exaggerating when we say it features the best fire effects we've ever seen.

    All these effects will be shown off at their finest because the version of the game we played was in true 16:9 widescreen 480p at 60 frames per second. Ubisoft is achieving some amazing things with the wii hardware and we can't imagine how good wii games are going to look in the future if this kind of quality is achievable on a launch game.


    Just as we started wondering whether ubisoft had something to hide, we're pleased to report that the developers silence has been worth it, the near finished version of red steel is delivering on all the promises that ubisoft has made since e3. This is going to be a must have for all action fans.

    Phew that's a lot of typing."
    Link: http://www.gamespot.com/events/wiilaunch/f...rd_id=909104101
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    man redsteel IS gonna b awes.. i thought that pic was just concept art when i first saw it

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    Definately getting this on launch.

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