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    Yeah, but that's really WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back. But I don't see why they should switch sides from one moment to the other. In fact, this article is from the 13th July, but they said the Interview was on 12th of July. The exact same day when IGN had the Developer Round Table Interview thingy (see this thread click here ).
    In fact, in the IGN Interview they said there don't know about a Zelda Wii, they don't develop it, it's just a thought. Then in this Interview here they suddently say a Zelda Wii is developed, they have a story, they have so much stuff, but he isn't allowed to spread the information.

    Sounds a bit fake to me, I'd rather trust IGN... Even though of course I'd love to see a Zelda Wii title.

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    Lets hope for another mature Zelda game - OOT and TP style.

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