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    Quote Originally Posted by FR.
    Let's say that this article is true, then this is a horrible choice for Nintendo, they should make the price at least $10 less so they can get more sales. I'm sure not many people are willing to pay $70 for WiiFit. Also, they should release the game in December so people can get it in the holiday season. You're probably thinking that it's expensive because of the Wii Board, but loom at this pattern:

    WiiSports - Came with Wii
    WiiPlay - Came with WiiMote
    WiiFit - Comes with WiiBoard

    Each Wii franchise came comes with some kind of accessory for the Wii, WiiPlay included the WiiMote for no extra charge. That's why the WiiBoard should be free, and included with the purchase of WiiFit.

    actually the games came free with the prduct not the otherway round.

    and what u moaning about, 70.00 is the price for all our normal games in UK

    i got
    RE4 - $50
    MSC - $60
    wiiplay - $70
    wii itself - $360
    red steel - $70
    Zelda - $80
    warioware - $80

    and more u get the pattern?
    europe is a hell of a lot more exspensive so u lot have nothing to moan about lol

    if wiifit was that price here we would be thrilled.

    p.s dec 1st launch in japan.
    so prab, jan for usa, Feb for uk, mar for aussie.
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    So will Wii Fit be out before Christmas now? Seeing as Brawl is delayed until next year, will Wii Fit move back to December so they have a hit for Christmas, or will they depend on the new Mario game? Japan is getting it in December!

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