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    Quote Originally Posted by dogayonv
    I dont see why everyone is complaining if you dont want WiiFit or whatever else dont buy it who cares. Why waste your time moaning. More people are looking forward to it than not. Majority wins.
    i'm pretty sure people are allowed to express their opinions. as far as i'm concerned, you're complaining more than anyone else here- we atleast gave valid reasons for our opinions.

    anyway, i know this will be fine with Wii Fit. i'm not denying that. but i really don't think it can work with anything else. Whoever suggested gas and brake pedals- no. Think of a scale. it has about an inch of give or less. it would be so sensitive it'd be impossible to control how hard or soft you want to go/brake. same with snowboarding and everything else people have suggested. it's not designed for that stuff.

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    I'm looking forward to Fit, i think its a pretty good and v bold idea, i just hope its executed well.
    I dont know how the board can be utilized for other games, I guess thats something for Nintendo to worry about. I'm sure it'll be a fairly limited list anyway, brilliant or not theres only so many "feet" games out there.

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