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    Quote Originally Posted by Stallyon
    you'll need to learn how to conserve ammo especially when your faced with an onslaught of villagers. I've got to the next stage (in the castle) and at the point where you have to hoist the presidents daughter up to a higher level so she can operate a winch and you have to cover her back while monks are trying to kill the both of ya...any tips on this? is there somewhere i can stand without having to watch my own back?
    Make sure you have the new rifle, as the aim remains on after shooting and it's more powerful. Shoot the guys on the platform with Ashley first, even if it means you take a hit or two (you can get a couple before they get to Ashley) Stand with your back to the wall so you can see ashley in front.
    If they get her, aim for the guys legs, you'll only need one shot and they're dead.
    And beware, she has to run to the other side to do the other winch, so change sides as they'll attack her from there too.
    Nice to be able to pay back the advice Stayllon.
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    Im sorta past the problems now, take any questions to chachs official RE$ tip/questions thread. let this one die lol.

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