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    I passed over COD3 because the Wii version lacks multiplayer of any kind. I'll be passing on COD4 because Activision has opted not to bring it to the Wii, even though there is an altered DS version in the works (different studios deving).

    Vanguard may not be as tight in the control department as COD3 was, but in my opinion it makes up for it with the 180* About Face move, and bothering to include multiplayer. My almost full review is here.

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    Not played MOH but own COD3 on the Wii. The game was OK, but not very hard. I could not stand the driving hand to hand fighting, driving and rowing parts. They just added the parts because the Wii remote could do it, not because they would be a good part of the game. I have also has lots of problems with slow down and lag which just spoils it really. Next time I'm back in the UK I will probably part ex it.

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