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Thread: Wii Sequels

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    If you are refering to Kao The Kangaroo 2 i know they are developing a 3rd because i played the PC demo ,but i don't know if it'll come to the wii, or not i hope it does because it was better than the past 2 from what i played.
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    ^I'm not. First of all, the reason wrestling games are so popular is partly because of the characters. I doubt that a Mario Wrestling game would sell half as well as Smackdown VS Raw 2008, simply because Mario and Luigi dont match up to Triple H and Undertaker. Not only are they famous, but their MOVES are famous as well. Their GIMMICKS are famous. Each and every name in the wwe, whether it be a wrestler, a move or a nickname, is copywrited. I suppose if they found a way around that, it would be possible. Although I still doubt that it would sell as well.

    But there is ONE big reason why a Mario Wrestling game wont happen in the near future, which is the Benoit case. Since the Benoit incident, nearly every company that has ever been with the wwe has strayed away. In an interview with the owner of 'The CW' which prodcasts 'Smackdown' the owner stated that Benoit had never been on the show, when in reality Chris Benoit had performed on the show every week for 5+ years.

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