I've played the Wii a couple of times now. I work at a game company. My studio got 3 Wiis today. They raffled off two of them (I didn't win one ), and the third was to keep in the studio break room. I played Wii Sports on it, and I'm pretty darn pleased. Bowling is really cool, you can get the ball to do what you want like adding spin and curve to the roll. The ball rolls as fast or slow as you want it to. I also played Tennis, but I got tooled as I was receiving and didnt' have time to figure it out in my head (the fact that you have to do an actual back hand to hit a ball on your left, etc).

Last Saturday I played Excite Truck at an EBGames. It took like 2 minutes of overcompensating and confusion, and then it just clicked. Controlling a racing game this way is waaaaay funner and more precise than with an analog stick. After only five minutes it felt completely natural and I wasn't thinking about it. I did get the impression that the game had about as much to offer as I had already experienced, but I was so happy with how it felt that I didn't matter. I'll consider it a rental. I'm curious to see how Tony Hawk plays, it seems to be getting decent reviews.

Anywho, I was sold by the concept of the Wii since it was announced, and now I can tell you that I think it is proving to be everything I hoped it would be. I'm now really looking forward to Sunday to play Zelda and Raving Rabbids.