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    there r two real problems with the game one theres no first touch when playing so its hard to do a lot of thing. and second theres no manager ode or be the pro mode for the wii version which is extremely gay because those r the 2 best things about the game. y the hell did they put the kindergarden crap thats so dumb in replace of them what were they thinking? who the **** would want to play that rather then manager mode. and the new thing is not even soccer related really its so dumb to much incorporation of miis ect.

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    Yeah, I hate the way EA are going with the 'Family Play' style on many of their games, Fifa being the prime example. It's also the case with Pro Street, although I am beginning to enjoy the control scheme, I would like to have the option of changing it. But Fifa really annoys me, you can't do anything special on it, the most advanced technique is like playing a one-two

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    Thanks for that... I am still going to get a ps3.... Anyone want to buy a wii??
    PM me and add me to ur address book...

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    My two cents...

    Key components missing in FIFA 08 in order of importance:

    Manager/Career Mode
    This is by far the most dissappointing aspect of the game. No Manager Mode completely destroys the replay value of FIFA that made the game so great. I rather play FIFA 07 on my Gamecube because at least it give us something to play for. This is by far the biggest and most noticeable weakness of FIFA 08.

    Profile Manager
    This is absolutely ridiculous not to have a profile manager. We can not even view our stats or see our accomplishments.

    Be A Superstar Mode
    All the other Next-Gen consoles have this, why not the Wii? News flash for you guys, not just kids play the Wii.

    Smoother Shooting
    The shooting on the Wii version is sometimes very unresponsive and we basically only have two degrees of power. The shot is either really strong or really weak making for some very frustrating game-play. Also it almost seems impossible to score with a normal shot from long range. Another option that would be welcomed is to be able to use Gamecube controllers.

    Edit Option
    We must be able to edit players because even though EA does a great job making all the players and stats, you guys are not perfect. This also includes the ability to create players.

    Lounge Mode
    The highlight in my opinion of the last FIFA installments was the Lounge Mode. Me and my buddies spent hours playing this because it recorded all the stats and gave us bragging rights. This option was the unsung hero of previous FIFA games, fans would love to have it back. We have a life outside of online, we have friends too.

    There are also a few minor adjustments needed that the people of EA might not have noticed. It may seem small but we have become accustomed to these little options and having them taken away like this is just not right…
    - International Squad Selection
    - FIFA Soundtrack Playlist
    - Create a Club
    - Practice Mode

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