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    Quote Originally Posted by motherbrainrulez
    Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    Release Date:
    North American - UNKNOWN
    Japan - December 31, 2007 (according to ign.com)
    Europe - UNKNOWN

    Scenario Mode:

    - Scenario mode is at least 4 chapters: Mansion (RE1), Raccoon Police Department (RE2), Raccoon City Streets (RE3), and European Countryside (RE4)
    - Uses a Resident Evil 4 style camera
    - Slower paced action (ammo and healing item conservation)
    - Completing Scenario chapters will unlock characters, costumes, and weapons
    - Playable characters include Jill, Chris, Rebecca, Wesker, Leon, Claire, HUNK, Carlos, and Ada.
    - Pressing A on the Wiimote at certain times will start "interactive scenes"
    - Some or all doors can be destroyed
    - Every character can hold 2 weapons at a time, and some weapons can only be used with specific characters
    - Every character will have melee attacks. This will probably be the knife for most.
    - Many in-game cutscenes to tie up loose parts of the story

    Arcade Mode:
    - Similar to The Mercenaries from RE4, but with more levels
    - Fast-paced killing spree
    - Unlockable characters, costumes, and weapons from Scenario Mode can be used here

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: So it's another remake?
    A: Only some parts of the old games are remade, but there is new content too

    Q: What about online features?
    A: Capcom has not said anything about whether it will have online features.

    Q: How will it use the Wiimote?
    A: SPECULATION: Aiming and shooting enemies, swinging the knife, and solving puzzle sequences if Resident Evil: DS is any indication.

    Q: Will it come to PS3 / Xbox 360?
    A: Very unlikely. It is Wii exclusive right now, and will probably stay that way since it's supposed to use the Wii's controller in unique ways.

    Q: Will Resident Evil 5 come to the Wii?
    A: Maybe. If this game sells well, it might happen.

    hope you like *pant pant*
    took a while
    Do you have a link as to where you got this info?

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    I think that that old RE games where awsome just the fact that I actually had to plan out my next moves.There were times when I would not have any ammo and I actually had to use my KNIFE through a portion( not that much) of the game. When I made a mistake on killing all the zombies in a given area.

    A RE mmo sounds like a fun idea in theory but i can't see how it would work. i mean it would totally wreck what the series is about.

    RE 4 was VERY fun and im a old time RE player (not really a fan boy) and i liked the change of pace very much. But the RE4 aiming is really going to complement the wii if you have that gay (yes i said its gay) fixed camera angle then its not going to work well for the wii.

    I Think that the Wii version of RE is a great comprimise of sorts its got the Re4 aiming for the action types and the conservation for the old school players ( with some new things as well).

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