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    renting it would be 11.34 at blockbuster. I would probly be better of buying it.

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    lol - I'm huge on first person shooters, I paid $20 bucks for my copy of FCV. The game is loaded with glitches and it's very easy. The worst part is when you take the remote out of the sensor's side-to-side/up-and-down range, the screen lags up and freezes for a second. Also, you simply can't turn the screen fast enough. You have to slowly turn and do a 180.

    HOWEVER - it has pretty good graphics. It doesn't have a wannabe cell-shaded theme going on like Red Steel (don't get me wrong I like Red Steel and I almost have it beat even though I never play it, but the game has terrible graphics). Also, Far Cry is just awesome. This may be a crappy addition to the series, but it's still a pretty good FPS. For $15? Absolutely with-out a doubt. Compared to something like MP3 though? Is there a big difference between $15 and $50 ...
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