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    i saw on Nintendo Power that Metroid Prime 3 will be a little more linear so you wont get lost as often. the article is found in the latest issue with samus on the cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloyd_yayo
    1. after this article at ign about the lack of advertisement of metroid
    nintendo put a metroid demo channel out....punch right to the gut

    2. me and some guys at work are arguing whether metroid is gonna fail cuz of the lack of commercial. i say no because it dosent need to be, its like advertising a commercial of smash bros, or halo 3 (i dont like the game btw) or cigarettes, it dosent need help to sell, all or majority of hardcore gamers are gonna buy the game,
    Metroid Prime got more ads than Echoes, and I'll be darned, it sold more too. Halo 3 is getting heavy publicity, and they aren't doing it for kicks, they're doing it to make money.

    Also, it appears that IGN lit a fire under nintendo's arse, and finally woke them up, not the other way around. Since IGN's point was that Nintendo should promote their best game, why would they feel down that Nintendo was finally taking their advice?

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