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Thread: Timesplitters 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombateer
    Surely by now the big gaming companies must see the Wii's interaction capabilities, the FPS genre could be huge if only such companines take their blinkers off ...
    By now most Wii owners have, or are itching for something spectacular, online gaming with complete strangers, simply pounding the living daylights out of each other.
    At least Free Radical has said they get the potential. Others refuse to see it. COD4 is skipping the Wii. MOH Airborne is skipping the Wii, leaving it's less interesting little brother Medal of Honor Heroes 2, to do the job (indicating the Wii's worth to them). This coming FPS cycle promises to be worse than the last one (though there's a rumor of RS2 making a Very early entrance), and that's saying something. I really don't believe many companies (sans Free Radical) are 'getting' how much FPS potential lies in virgin development territory.

    There's definitely demand, but Wii360 users are starting to get used to getting their itch scratched by MS. It's uncertain how willing MS would be release them for other tasks if Nintendo ever does get its act together.

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    Timesplitters is cool !

    Only thing I find kind of cheap is that all the games are almost the same with sounds and movement.

    Battalion wars is shooting next to strategy though. Its not going to be like command and conquer

    timesplitters will be a cool arcade shooter. If it had online I can imagine it gettin near unreal tournament.
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    I can think of some easy games ( Like tetris and some other in that direction ) that can be free but the majority will cost money.

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    sounds good

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