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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc141
    It is. You see up until this point developers didn't want to make First Person shooters for the Wii...

    Two reasons:
    1st: They didnt know waht they could do with graphics
    2nd: They didn't know exactly what it would take to make FPS controls done right.

    When Retro stepped up the challenge... the did it with much majesty. Now we can anticipate developers keying in on some FPS titles and well it makes me happy to know that I will soon have some real online multiplayer fun. I am willing to admit that MP3 doesnt set itself up to well for wifi (although it woulda been fun for a little bit). But Wifi multiplayer is an excellant thing. And When it comes to the Wii I will be in heaven.
    well.. in that case... that game sounds pretty interesting

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    The wii has great potential for fps, and ive only heard good things for MP3 which ill purchase next week,*all sold out...*Ive read comments here sayin mp3 is one of the most anticipated games, and i couldnt agree more because all the other wii games suck and im dying for a good game, seriously, red steel and CoD was a let down and suddenly all we have now are children games, i dont think nintendo is going to change there "child base games" from an article i read from the president of nintendo when asked about lack of adult games, he responded he still felt games where everyone can play *kid games* is the way to go. so until nintendo gets past this mama cookoff and chicken litle phase of games and actually come out with game people want, i just see the wii declining, which is a huge shame cuz it has/had great potential. So yeah this is a turning point, to bomb or blow, its up to nintendo.

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    I need green medals I want some mp3 online goods. PM me if you have any!!

    Brawl Punching Bag

    Chibi Asuka!!

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