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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovieto
    so basically theyre saying: lets bring more crap on the wii.
    "sell only half" so its saying a game dosent need to be as good to make a profit. this article favors ps3 and 360 because on those consoles you will see original quality games that strive to sell as many as possible.
    There's definitely going to be a lot (more) of crapware--that comes with the top spot. As I understand it, it happened to the PS2 juggernaut too.

    3rd parties will be watching how games like MP3C and MOHH2 do, and if they do well, the 4th dev cycle will be a very happy one. When you come out of a dry season (GCN), it takes time to make all the wheels turn again.

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    yeah one of the editors at nintendo power did a very interesting article as to why crappy gaming titles will never take over the gaming industry because the good titles(like mp3) are going to do a lot better than cooking mama and what not

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