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    OH NOES! A PICTURE cyberzomby's Avatar
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    lol I dont care wether you look or not :P

    So you havent got a life Too bad forums dont show sarcasm as good as they are supposed to do or you would have seen my "joke"

    How can you see you are on here more than me? Im here almost every hour. I just dont bother replying to everything. Is it a post thing? Oh noes you got more posts than me. that means youre more 1337 than me ( again sarcasm/joke )

    Discussion that died? For a moment there I thought you where accusing me of thread revival. When I looked at the time you posted it was today. How can it be finished already?

    TELL YOU to be never be on forums? Do you know what suggest means? Do you also know what >> << means? Dude you're taking all these things WAY to serious. Look now Im telling you that you're taking this all to serious.
    Tip of the day:
    A big mistake a lot of you make is that wiiware games will be free.

    Wiiware is just the same like the virtual console. Its different in that it offers new games instead of old console games.

    I can think of some easy games ( Like tetris and some other in that direction ) that can be free but the majority will cost money.

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    the sims suck if its a point and click game so mysims FTW
    PS3 now, sorry Wii. You gather dust.

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