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    Guitar Hero III Report

    Like my previous "Medal of Honor Heroes II Report" this one is about the upcoming Guitar Hero III ( or 3 for those who aren't familiar with roman numerals). This game is coming out October 28, 2007 FOR THE U.S. as Wikipedia says. This will be 4 Guitar Hero in the series. Now you say, "4? Why 4, its named Guitar Hero III for a reason." Well then you're not that clever because you dropped out Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the '80s.

    Back to the point.....

    You might know what the guitar might look like. Sadly it would've been a great experience to use the Wii remote and Nunchuck and swing the Wii Remote to play a note and have a button as the note you play.

    Notice How the Wii remote is inside the Guitar. I gladly labeled that for your convenience.

    Now, somethings are different now, than just the songs. IGN has said that there will be a "Battle Mode". Now this battle mode isn't a normal duet where you see who wins. Now this is a BATTLE. When I say that I mean you can attack your opponent, now.... don't think that you can whack someone on the side of the head so they will get a note wrong.... no. You have about 8 Attacks:
    • Broken string- One fret button on the opponent's guitar will not work until it is fixed. You may fix it by rapidly tapping it.
    • Difficulty up- The opponent will play the song on an increased difficulty for a short duration of time (except for expert difficulty).
    • Amp overload- The fret board will shake and appear blurry, making the scrolling notes difficult to read.
    • Whammy bar- The opponent will have to use the whammy bar before he/she can play notes again.
    • Steal Power- This will steal your opponent's power-up (this will be lost if used when the opponent has no power-up).
    • Double notes- The opponent will have to play any single note as a two-button chord, and any two-button chord as a three-button chord for a short amount of time.
    • Lefty flip- The fret board will be mirrored, requiring the player to switch their handedness on the guitar.
    • Death Drain- This power-up is only available in Sudden Death mode. Once activated, your opponent's Rock Meter will rapidly drain on its own.

    Pretty sweet I tell ya. But wait.... thats not all. Wii players got a little surprise. Because the Wii remote is physically part of the Guitar, the Guitar player will get the Rumble feature and Internal Speaker. Now thats boring, but this might excite you. The Wii version will feature Online Play. Although it will not allow download-able content, initially.

    That pretty much sums it up. I will be posting updates on the Release, the new features, I won't list the songs, and do go look on IGN or Wikipedia. Its a surprise you have see when you play.

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    Didn't you already make a similar thread to this. And plus a lot of us here have talked about this endless times and have made tons of threads. Another doesn't hurt I guess, I am just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetAWii
    Didn't you already make a similar thread to this. And plus a lot of us here have talked about this endless times and have made tons of threads. Another doesn't hurt I guess, I am just saying.
    agreed. There have already been enough threads. And not to mention that this information has been out fir a while. If you're a fan of the GH series you probably already know this.

    Please don't waste time posting the song list........We've all seen it already.

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