Limited entry to only a few owners, between 8 - 10 max and each owner would own 3 or 4 teams and play 3 or 4 games per week. Your teams would not face other and there would not be a playoff. I will have the 32 NFL teams separated by strength or power and you would own a Great Team, a Good Team, a Fair Team and a Bad Team.

A draft would be held and the owner with the #1 would get first choice from the Great Division. #2 owner would get first pick from Good Division, #3 owner would get first pick from Fair Division and #4 owner would get first pick from Bad Division.

At the end of one season, a new draft is held and the team in last place in the Great division drops to Good, replaced by team in 1st from Good. Last in Good is replaced by 1st in Fair. Last in Fair is replaced by 1st in Bad.

If you can honestly play 3-4 games per week, please go to the website I created and register for an account and then fill out the Owner Application form.