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    well glad to here all ur thoughts in te matter and i'm looking foreward to ssbb and MoH heroes 2 the most
    like what mother always say,
    "If you have nothing nice to say,
    then don't say anytthing at all."

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    I want it but depends if I have the money or not.. which I doubt this month.

    Buying a 360 next week or the week after, next week I have film week all week so no college for me all week just going off to different cinemas every day for free, but that means paying to eat out. Then the week after I'm going away for the week with the boyf and the family (12 of us, woopie) so spending money then the week after that I'm going to London for a few days. And I think it's the week I'm away it comes out, so there's not much point in me getting it then cos I'm not taking the wii.

    If I can't afford it by x-mas I'll ask someone else to get it for me. =/

    Gosh I'm so bored.

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