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    I dont think they have mastered the gameplay of this type of game yet (I mean the devs of course) in a while when its perfected wii owners will experience sex in video game form
    Quote Originally Posted by GC8
    you are incredibly fast at responding...
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    Quote Originally Posted by [DT]
    We have ignition Sister.

    I love you idjut for this sig!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssbb_lover
    - Crappy Rating

    - Bad Graphics

    - Doesn't utilize controls well

    - Feels Rushed

    - Is only worth a rent

    - Simple AI

    - Is this just me? :P
    That is one opinion, try reading some more reviews http://rr.wii.ign.com/rrobj/wii/object/924846/ .

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    Well, I have been playing this game I I like it a lot.

    Controls are reasonably accurate, the game plays well enough, the graphics are ok, and the storyline moves ok, with some sequence.

    However, the story does seem very secondary to the hack'n'slash which COULD mean it gets old. Also, some of the critters enter the game to early for their level of difficulty. The bosses seem to be less logically placed than for example in Zelda TP, though it is obvious that the style of boss sequence is very much influenced by such games. And the first dragon you fight seems too hard/long winded battle for the placement in the game. Not saying it is TOO HARD perse, but the first one should be slightly shorter battle than this one.

    In spite of all such issues, I am very much enjoying the fighting style and the swordplay is treated well. Just remember: as with MOST wii games, this one does not compensate well for the natural human tendancy to whip left prior to swining your arm right, or whip right prior to swinging left etc. So you need to train your brain to operate without that whipping motion, which does NOT feel natural at first, but you CAN get used to it.

    Still, a game well worth playing while we wait for womething like the next zelda game or final fantasy etc.
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