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    a few cool games comin out for 360 assassin creed, Call of duty 4 will relaly rock :P

    only thing i'm gettin little ticked off r were are more online wii games

    PM saying you added me :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by nic7
    Alright, first of all, Nintendo should be fine, not matter what happens to their wii. The DS is domination over its competition. They'll be fine.

    In terms of Wii, of all next get consoles, I feel as if this one is going in the best direction. I mean look at the list of games that are coming out this year. In third party we've got Zack and Wiki, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Soul Calibur Legends, Manhunt 2, (Also on ps2), MoH Heroes 2, GH3 (On all next gen and PS2), Knights, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games (Being developed by Sega. I think it's second party. But still)

    I'll also reach out and say that Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, Trauma Center: New Blood, and Ghost Squad are solid titles as well.

    First party games are still solid with Bwii, Fire Emblem, Super Mario Galaxy, and Link's Crossbow Training.

    The first 4-6 months look bright in 08. We've got Wiiware coming, of course Brawl, Mario Kart, Okami, Mario Baseball, Wiifit, Endless Ocean, Sonic Riders, Star Wars: The force Unleashed, No More Heroes, and maybe Sadness.

    Later that year I expect Wii music, Animal Crossing, King's Story, De Blob, and likely some other great shooters assuming MoH is succesful.

    Some of the 360 software isn't doing as well as it should because of the extreme lack of hype on games that deserve it such as Bioshock. It got hype but it was a much better game than Halo 3, which recieved more hype than anything I've seen ever. (And of course it's now ranked behind Gears of War for best reviewed rankings. Gow is 34, Halo 3 is 41.) I'm praying that Mass Effect doesn't recieve the same fate because this game will likely deserve better sales than it ultimately gets.

    The other problem I'm worried about with the 360 is that it might have reached its peak in innovation in a very early life. I mean, obviously graphics can get better, they can change hardware models slightly, and well...what else? The best selling game in the 360's history is already out. (Atleast exclusive. GTA IV could be a competitor) And with that the best online game the 360 will ever have to offer is out.

    The Wii and the PS3 aren't even near these points.

    The Wii will have Wii channel after Wii Channel after Wii channel optimizing what you can do with the hardware. It's got Wiiware and a DS download station in the works. A headset is definitely down the pipes somewhere. Online can really only get better. Same goes with Software. It's software continues to get better has developers continue to innovate.

    I think the PS3 has nothing this Holiday season when it comes to exclusives. It's got two solid games that are mulitplatform in COD 4 and Assassin's Creed but nothing really else.

    But next year should finally make the PS3 good enough to warrant a purchase.The PS3 has got home down the pipes, the PSN network is really starting to come around, and their big hitters should be out next year with MGS 4, Little Big Planet, and FF13 (Maybe not Final Fantasy) The things are looking up for PS3.

    But don't get me wrong about the 360. It is one hell of a system. And it does remind me a lot of the PS2. Which is a good thing. But the thing that worries me is how the Wii has surpassed it in sales already and the Wii hasn't even come close to it's potential.

    Total sales if the pattern continues as it does:
    Wii: 79 million
    360: 62 million
    PS3: 58 million

    But if the 360 can do something to fix it's expected decline and the Wii doesn't deliver (Which you can't rule out) then the sales could go anywhere.

    It should be a very entertaining couple years.

    Edit: Damn, guys I mentioned way to many Wii games and not near enough for the other two. My bad. There are of course way more games for both the PS3 and 360 other than the ones I mentioned. And a lot of Wii games I mentioned aren't even near as good as some of the PS3 or 360 ones.

    Greaat post, thats wat i wasw trying to get across with my thread, now that the 360 is at its highest point, the only path for them is down, while ps3 and wii arent even up to their highst pontential, only your post was alot more clear..........but seriously no one has been able to say......whats next for the 360
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