Hudson may be bringing another shmup in the Star Soldier series to the Nintendo Wii, with Star Soldier R making a tantalizingly brief appearance at the company's caravan tour in Japan. While free of Wii-remote gimmicks, it's unclear what new gameplay elements the vertical shooter will bring to the series. Anyone unfamiliar with Hudson's Star Soldier may want to invest in the Virtual Console release of the Turbografx-16 version as the above video isn't exactly clear viewing.
Ahh, Memories of the old days of gaming return, but not a remake or a port:wl2:

Star Soldier was an over overhead vertical shooter and was the second title in HudSon Softs caravan shooter series with the first being Star Firce. It was first released for the NES in 1986, and 1988 in North America. Since the original, numerous sequels and spin offs have appeared.

Nice, a 50'000 bonus!

The latest games in the series were a PS2 and Gamecube re-make followed by a PSP remake.

Its all kicking off

The old series is being revived and it's looking pretty good from what we have seen.

Combo 001, we've all got to start somewhere

Hudson seems to love our little white system and its wiiware future.

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