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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewtoy
    No BS I feel the same way about the game selection, but that just means I'm going to go buy a 360 here in a few days and have me a Wii60 best of both worlds!!! Then I can ply Halo3 and GH3 and Ace Combat 6 until SSBB and MKWii come out!!!! Woohoo!!!
    if it were that easy.. huhu.. good for you.. However, I believe that the best games for wii are yet to come.. and come on only 3 games? tsk tsk.. look more closely damn it..

    What-game-to-get List:Super Mario Galaxy, SSBB(huhu 02/08!), Guitar Hero 3, and Disaster day of crisis.

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    Well, while I would love to stay and argue; especially with the ones that jumped all over me like bullies instead of offering constructive advice, I did return the Wii and bought the 360.

    The Wii wasn't just released. It's been out for a year. The PS3 was released at the same time and has twice as much shelf space for games as the Wii.

    Yes, SUPERMAN. I happen to like that game. Probably because I'm not you and like different things. Usually responses like yours come from being brought up ignorant to individuality. If you don't agree with it, well then it sucks. That quality should bring you a lot of joy and success in your lives.

    The Wii just wasn't for me, that's all and apparently I've grown out of it.

    Now I have my NHL, Simpsons, Star Trek, Project Gotham Racing, Rayman, Sonic, Oddworld, Family Guy and various retro arcade games to keep me busy playing instead of waiting.

    For those of you that have finished your Wii games, good luck with the waiting thing. Well, you don't mind.

    Bye then.

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    Awe. You scared the troll away.

    PS3? Great Library? Those two words don't go together. Yet.

    The Xbox360 was out for a good two or three years before it had anything good. Did you forget it's head start on the other two consoles?

    I'm sorry you have no patience.

    Judging a system by people on the webs who yell at people complaining for no reason?

    Yes. I think I figured it out.

    You are a whiny teenager.

    Have fun playing Halo 6 and Gears Of War 3.

    P.S. You have a 360 and not Bioshock? Not only do you not have Bioshock, but you've got the Sonic game, Superman, and NHL?

    Wow man, you sure proved me wrong. Have fun with those AAA-Titles in that collection of your's there!

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    Hmm... the PS3 has good games out right now? What? Did they just release 10 games in the last half hour or did I miss something?

    Top 3 wii vs. ps3

    Zelda: TP > Oblivion
    Resident Evil 4 > GRAW 2
    Metroid Prime 3 > Resistence

    And shelf space? What does that even mean? Are you saying that since people expected the Wii to be a failure compared to the PS3 and stores ordered far more space for the PS3 then wii, you make your judgement on shelf space?

    But anyway, the Wii was in no way the right console for you. I'm not sure why you had to buy one before you realized how wrong it was for you. Do better research next time and no matter what you say, Superman is not good.

    EDIT: http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpage...asp?q=Superman
    Superman = Epic

    ...and here's Sonic...
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