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    Buy: No
    Rent: Yes

    It's a game to rent (like most Wii games I play). Buying it will only have you regretting doing so in the first place. The game has low replayability and online gets boring very quickly. Save your $ for SMG or something else.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prolific
    I got my copy for trading in Madden 08 (worst game ever made period) and Metroid Prime 3 (good game but it lacked the overal difficulty I was looking for from this series). So all in al as a basically free game I love it. I would suggest if you are not into blowing stuff up and having a non-realistic war you should go with Medal of Honor 2.
    Madden 08..the worst game? >.>

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    I have enjoyed Bwii very much. Online is clean no lag, and very very few disconnects. But, if you only have money for one games please buy MoHH2 cuz we need extra 3rd party fps help (call of duty 4) but if you have a lot of spare cash saved, buy MoHH2, Bwii, SMG. You'll have the best games for the Holiday season in my opinion.
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