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    Quote Originally Posted by doosta
    forming clans or "social groups" is already bannishable. hell i made the first response with the thread that says forming clans is banishable. here i'll even repost it

    Sooo you want a rep for that?

    Tip of the day:
    A big mistake a lot of you make is that wiiware games will be free.

    Wiiware is just the same like the virtual console. Its different in that it offers new games instead of old console games.

    I can think of some easy games ( Like tetris and some other in that direction ) that can be free but the majority will cost money.

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    Why this thread was closed..

    1. No Clans:

    There is a new rule being applied to WiiChat.
    There are to be no more threads or advertisements (private messages included) about clans. This includes (but is not limited to) clans for video games and clans dedicated to anything else.
    If you wish to create/join a clan, do so on your own. Not on WiiChat.
    Any currently existing threads about clans will be deleted.
    Any threads made on clans in the future will be deleted, and you will receive a warning/ban.
    No Advertising:

    14. No Advertising – Spam
    Do not heedlessly place your advertisements through the Discussion Forums. This will be considered SPAM and could result in the loss of your WiiChat.com Membership. Affiliate links are not allowed within the forums. If you wish to promote a particular program then promote the program not your own affiliate tie with it.

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me a private message.

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