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    Quote Originally Posted by XLaw
    nah Lego Star Wars sucks ,played one before on the PC
    Not interested in Lego Star Wars
    Wow really? I bought it about a week ago, and can't stop playing it

    As far as other games I own, I would recommend most of them:

    Guitar Hero III - would buy again
    Manhunt 2 - would buy again
    Alien Syndrome - would buy again (most people don't like this one)
    Tiger Woods 07 - would buy again
    Metroid Prime 3 - would buy again (I guess); kind of short though
    Elebits - wouldn't buy again (would buy if cheaper than $49.99, which it could be by now)
    Paper Mario - would buy again
    SSX Blur - wouldn't buy again (I recognize it as being a good snowboarding game though)

    Games I'm looking to buy fairly soon:

    Geometry Wars
    Ghost Squad or RE:UC
    Puzzle Quest
    Zack & Wiki
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Battalion Wars II
    Soulcalibur Legends (maybe)
    Trauma Center (maybe)
    MoHH (maybe)

    If you haven't played Puzzle Quest, you should download the PC demo. And Geometry Wars is a big if, depending on the price.
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    Dragon Blade isn't that bad...i was hoping for a God of War/Devil May Cry experince which this isn't its maybe a little DMC ,but very little. Its a decent action game ,but its not the end all be all action game for the Wii. i got it when it came out for 40 i say its more worth its current price point 30 bux. Hopefully the sequel will add more/better gameplay elements (the ending sets up for a sequel in a very obvious way) Dragon Blade almost has a very old school appeal to its style.
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    so far I like dragon blade, though I am only at the water dragon. graphics could be less half hearted though.
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