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Thread: Ok Wtf : Mohh2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renz
    Its not, I REPEAT not EA servers but the problem is your own connection. If It was EA servers then I wouldn't be seeing 100+ people playing every day, 24/7 since this came out. here it is, 2nd part of that thread that has solutions. see you online.

    Thanks for contacting EA Technical Support. I apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing with our game, Medal of Honor:Heroes 2 for Nintendo Wii.

    Online connectivity issues involving your Nintendo Wii are often caused by Internet communication restrictions from firewalls or other computer security applications. This article provides information regarding the protocols, ports, and communication requirements for configuring your own firewall or computer security application for the Wii console and Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (if applicable).

    Although this article covers many aspects of setting up and troubleshooting your connection, please note that it is not a comprehensive article since there are many different types of software and hardware available for use with your Wii. We recommend that you consult your firewall's instruction manual or the firewall manufacturer's web site for additional information.

    Allowing TCP and UDP Traffic

    Your Wii console may require unrestricted access to several sites across various ports and protocols to function correctly. However, many software firewalls restrict outbound access. If your firewall blocks outbound traffic, you need to make sure the ports listed below are open:

    TCP: 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443
    UDP: Allow all traffic to all destinations. (For peer-to-peer connections and gameplay.)
    Download Nintendo's Network Test tool onto your PC to test if outbound UDP is allowed.
    (Note: The PC must share the same connection and firewall used for your Wii.)
    Please note that by allowing the traffic to the destinations listed above, you are essentially removing a significant amount of firewall protection for your network. It is up to you to determine what security needs you have for your own network, and to decide the most ideal configuration for your network settings to meet your needs.

    Additional Information for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector Users

    If you are using the Nintendo Wi- Fi USB Connector, and have a software firewall (or other computer security program installed on your computer), there may be additional steps you must perform to allow a successful connection.

    "Trusted" Applications
    If your firewall or PC security program keeps a list of trusted applications (also known as a "trusted zone"), there are 4 programs that are installed with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector that require Internet communications. If prompted by your firewall or PC security program, add the following programs to the list of trusted applications:
    NintendoWFCReg.exe (Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector USB)
    Setup.exe (when installing the USB Connector)
    "Trusted" IP Ranges
    There are also potential ranges of IP addresses that may need to be added to the "trusted" zone for your software firewall or PC security program. Each of these would need to be opened up for TCP and UDP traffic, or for some firewalls or security programs, added as a "trusted" zone. Please consult the manual for your firewall or security program for more specific information. Add the ranges listed below to your "trusted" zone: (subnet mask (subnet mask (subnet mask
    Software Firewalls Identified as Being "Incompatible" with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector
    We have identified the following software firewall(s) as being incompatible with the use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. We suggest using another firewall product, if possible:
    Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite
    (Note: In order to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite must be completely uninstalled from your computer. Simply disabling (turning off) the program will still not allow a successful connection.)
    Turn off any VPN programs running on any nearby computers
    A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is typically found on a computer belonging to someone who needs to create a secure connection to an outside network (for example, someone who works from home away from the office). VPN programs can interfere with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, and must be turned off or disabled.
    thanks a bunch for your help buddy!! i'll definately give these a try. but i still find it weird that i can go online with the wii for MSC (major majority of the time with 0 lag), mario and sonic at the olympics, and all of the channels, and have never had any connection issues until i bought MOHH2 ... something still makes me think it must have SOMETHING to do with ea nation.

    i don't know

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    i hear ya. I get more booted using EA servers than other games such as socom.

    My Online: Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (Wii), Socom CA (Ps2)

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