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Thread: KH3 on wii?

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    possibly but i heard and remember "i heard" that Kh3 was going to be less disney this time around and more about the keyblades origin and basically the story behind how it all started.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ally_uk
    Final fantasy is not coming on the Wii we're getting a shitty cutdown piece of crap version called crystal chronicles.

    Face it Nintendo isn't a hardcore gamers console the big developers are going to save there mainstream titles which need graphical power for the big boys

    Xbox 360 and PS 3

    Nintendo won't get a look in because it's underpowered if you were a developer and wanted to showcase the graphical capabilities your developer suite have then what would you do?

    release the title cut down with lower frame rates and lacking hd hmmmm I don't think so.

    You would want to go all guns blazing and get the best graphics and physics possible to showcase your title.

    Next year will be when the Playstation 3 will really start to begin to show it's momentum alot of people have keep slating it due to it's slow start but when the hardcore games start to arrive it'll slowly but surely shift into the number 1 spot.
    i'm not saying it is a hardcore gaming console, it's a console built for fun, not graphic capabilities and that's why it's winning the console wars.

    kingdom hearts isnt a hardcore game, hence the disney charcters, but it's about the story and incredible gameplay... two things EASILY capable on wii

    maybe have a little more faith on the wii, ey? ps3 wont start next year, it will be around two years until we start to see it climb to the top. wii will always number one spot though, like it has at the moment. which is why it deserves kh3.
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