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    Low Hits Rating in RE:UC in 2-Player

    My brother and I playing on normal mode have been able to score an S rating on each of the 3 acts in the first chapter, Trail Derailment. But we've encountered a problem in the first act of the second chapter in getting S ratings... even if we kill every monster in the act, the highest rating either one of use can get is a C for hits. So even with everything else an S rating we can only net an A total grade for each act.
    Does the scoring system not take into effect that there's two of us when they're tallying up hits, or are we missing out on something? There are no swarms of leeches to grenade in this chapter...
    It would be kinda sad if the only way to score an S rating in each of these acts is by myself, as that would take out all the fun of playing with my brother
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    well i finished the game the other day, just got a few more S ranks to get and finish up getting the files, but in my experience, when i play 2 player, if you do that same mission over and over, it will eventually give you an s rank, there was a couple of occasions tht me and my buddy were playin and he we didnt get a great rating, but it still gave us S cuz we played the mission so many times, try tht, if that doesnt work, then dont go for critical hits , just hit them in chest or legs or whatever so they take more hits before they die.
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