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    The only violence in Manhunt 2 is when the glitchey controls cause me to beat my TV and surrounding people with my Wii-Mote.

    Seriously, the game is average and the graphics are sad. Do they really think block headed video game characters getting stabbed in a motion blur is worse then what you see in a rated R movie? No.

    I am 23 years old and feel Manhunt 2 was not violent enough. It is lame.

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    all jokes aside, this is an argument that will never end. Just look at that whole homosexual mario thread. The political and religious leaders in this country will never cease to find something to blame for everything thats wrong with this world. In an effort to shift attention off of themselves, they have blatantly started a war against video games because, as someone said before me, it is a generation gap that they do not understand. Nevermind bad parenting, tyrannical government, and drug abuse... video games are directly responsible for all of the violence in the world [/sarcasm]. I'm from the US. Does this debate ring as strongly in other countries too?

    Consider this: John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Charlie Manson never played video games.
    Wasnt a joke, the game is a total waste. Horrid storyline, terrible graphics, and totally overuse of vulgararities to spice it up and show us how over the line it can be which flopped completely.

    And all of you blaming religious and political leaders for Manhunt being filtered are ridiculous, how many political and religious leaders had to speak up to get Rockstar to change Manhunt 2? Cmon people shout the answers out when you know them.... NONE. The ratings board gave them a little heat and they caved in and produced an inferior product.

    Want to air out your complaints then attack the ratings board, or Rockstar for not standing up and showing some spine to leave their product as it was made. Blaming stupid Hillary Clinton and political/religious leaders for Manhunt stinking sounds as uneducated as those dopes claiming 911 was a goverment conspiracy.

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