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    rent a wii. who rents a console anymore let alone a wii? its cool because i learned more about the story of the game i dont think i will do this unless i find a friend who has a wii then i may buy it and play it there.

    p.s. by the way Senses Fail kicks ass!!!!

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    The game's great. It fills in all the plotholes, and really it's about Wesker. It gleans over the most of the stories but covers all of the significant parts, either in files or gameplay.
    They omitted a few scenes like when Wesker assassinates Enrico from the gameplay, but they shout out to it in profiles that you find. But they add in backstory missions... like what happened to Rebecca and Richard before you found them by the Yawn's room. It brings alot of character development to a previously unbeloved guy like Richard.
    You can beat the main story in about 8 hours or so, but I'm up to hour 40 and I haven't yet got 100% completion. Also it's a great two-player game. Get it.
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