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    Quote Originally Posted by IcedEarth81
    Zak and Wiki got a 9.0 and it was made by Capcom and wasn't a port.

    Guitar Hero III is a port? I could have sworn it was a multi-platform release.

    Madden 08 was a port? I could have sworn it too was a multi-platform release.

    Godfather wasn't great but it was a pretty darn good and fun game. It did a pretty good job with the Wii controls.

    MOH:H2 is not a port and is supposedly pretty good. It has been described as the best first person controls on Wii, beating out Metroid Prime 3, which had been described by some reviewers as the best console first person controls ever.

    Yes, Wii has had some crappy games. It's had it's fair share of quick and dirty ports, and lackluster original games. But, every console has it's share of crappy games in year 1. Some people forget that the PS2 had a ton of bad games released on it. The most popular system usually does, after all developers figure they can make a cheap game and sell it to the biggest audience to make a quick buck. Wii has also had some damn good games come out lately and next year looks even better from the 3rd party perspective.
    Good point, I had completely forgotten about the PS2. I remember in year one the best game they had was the original SSX!!! So already the Wii is off to a better start as far as games are concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathChron
    The fact that High school musical got a higher score than SCL, only proves that the whole rating system is broken.

    We live in a day and age, when they can rate a game without even playing the title. There's no way I can completely trust their judgment on titles like these. . .
    You can't realistically compare review scores to each other when they are two totally different types of games. It's a music game versus an action/adventure/fighting game. It's an apples and oranges comparison.

    If you don't like music games, then you're going to like a medioce fightning game more than any singing game, no matter how good singing game fans say it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syntax
    Last time I checked, the Nintendo Gamecube didn't have a motion sensor bar, an internet channel, a virtual console channel, and a channel where players can make their own mii's.. etc.

    Noteworthy games not mentioned:

    - Guitar Hero 3*vomits* PORT
    - The Godfather: Blackhand Edition FUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!
    - The Simpsons Game
    - Carnival Games
    - Madden 08(Mutlti, Sports)
    - Big Brain Academy
    - Resident Evil 4 (port)
    - Medal Of Honour Heroes 2
    -BWii (popular, I personally found it unengaging, boring, and farmiliar)
    -Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure (fun and cheap)
    -Ghost Squad (a LOLworthy fun game, I was always too short for the arcade machine and still am)
    -Geometry Wars: Galaxies
    hmmm...not done yet.

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