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    Cept you can only do multiplayer online yes?
    How about yas get Rockstar Table Tennis, can be just like beer pong...You missed a shot...drink up!!

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    GAME PARTY.... I believe it is a game that just came out, its like all the other quick mini game types but it has... wait for it..... BEER PONG as well as DARTS and HOOPS etc... I can't think of a better drinking video game

    Here is a 'Reader Review' I found on IGN who gave it a 7.5:
    Since ign won't be reviewing this for awhile, I figure i take a stab at it. This game consists of 7 games (6 actual games and a trivia game). The games are as follows: darts, hoop shoot, ping cup, shuffleboard, skill ball, and table hockey. I'll just start be going thru each of the games.

    darts- darts is the real bright spot in this game. The controls feel very natural, as if you were actually throwing darts. They are pretty responsive too, unlike the frustrating dart game in super monkey ball. There are 6 ways to play: typical high score, 301/501/701 (where you try to get exactly a number), cricket (where you hit specific numbers), and baseball darts (the dart board is transformed into a baseball field). This game is actually quite fun, especially the baseball darts (which you have to unlock).

    hoops shoot- this game is exactly what it sounds. You use the wii remote to try to get a basketball in a hoop, like the classic arcade games you see at chuck e. cheeses. This is the most difficult of the games, and can be frustrating at times because the balls don't like to go into the hoop. However, once you establish a rhythm it's icing on a cake. The controls here also feel very natural and responsive, tho at times the ball seems to always drift to the left a little.

    ping cup - this is the reason I even bought the game. It's basically beer pong without the beer. You can grab a beer tho and play along if you don't have room for a table. It's actually pretty fun. It feels like the real thing. This game can get extremely frustrating when you get to the last cup. The controls are awesome here, and respond well to what kind of shot you want to take.

    shuffleboard - this game is also a pretty good fit. you use the wii remote to push a puck as far to the edge of the table as you can get it. It's real easy to pick up on. You can also knock other players pucks off the table by hitting them, which adds to the multiplayer experience. You can also unlock curling, which is one of the more fun games. You try to get your puck the closest to a target instead of an edge.

    skill ball - another straighforward game, better known as ski-ball. This is the only game where your better off standing up than sitting. You are trying to get the ball into different holes to score more points. It's another easy game to get the hang of, but this game is only one player.

    table hockey - exactly what it says. This game also feels natural, with the only exception being your looking at the game from a third person view so the controls are a little different that one might think. It's fun, and probably lasts the longest of all the games. The only drawback would be that there is no way to 'slam' the puck. The hits are all the same power which makes the game drag on and on, especially if your playing a computer. You actually score most your points on self goals more than anything.

    trivia - Pretty straighforward. There are 6 categories (history, sports, movies, general, music). Each player gets a chance to answer the question in the 10 seconds available. Each players is awarded points for answering correctly. So if you take 2 seconds to answer, you get 8 points. You can unlock a lightning trivia game where the first person who answers either gets a point or loses a point. The questions are pretty fair and current.

    There's the summary of all the games. All in all, it's actually pretty fun. The controls are the best I've seen for any of the 'party' games. They are, however, very basic. They only have a few motions, and you won't use a nunchuck at all thruout the entire game. The game itself is VERY VERY VERY shallow though. There are basically NO customizable options. All the times you get or round length can't be changed. Also, you can't incorporate your own mii, which would have been a huge plus. There are unlockables, but most are worthless like ball colors or game surface skins. This is strictly a party game. I can't see anyone enjoying this game by themselves unless they are just practicing. If they had only put maybe 3 more games, then I would say it would be a definite must buy. A billiard game would have been a huge success. But as it is, I would buy at your own risk. If you think these games sound fun, splurge away. It's only 20 bucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hurley50
    i personally think that MOHH2 is a good 4 player game.
    Yea if it was 4 players... lol It's not 4 players for some reason though... I don't know why.
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    No ones suggested this, but I could only assume given that you have beer, duck duck goose would be a good and hilarious game...

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